5 Things to Do to Get Used to Wearing Your Hearing Aids

Wearing your hearing aids

Wearing your hearing aids can feel uncomfortable at first. After all, it can be hard to ignore having an object in your ear. The way that they amplify sound can cause some discomfort as well.

So what can you do to get used to it? Here are some ways you can make it easier to start wearing your hearing aids.

Do It Gradually

It’s a good idea to only wear your hearing aids for a limited time at first. Start with an hour, then work up to wearing them a few hours at a time.

Avoid Background Noise at First

Background noise can make it difficult to use hearing aids. So you should wear them in a quiet environment until you get used to them.

Don’t Change the Volume Settings Too Often

Most hearing aids adjust the noise levels automatically. Don’t alter this out of frustration. After all, the wrong volume setting can damage your hearing.

Practice Before You Try a Crowd

Hearing aids can make it hard to tell one voice from another. Hence, having a conversation in a crowded room becomes a challenge. Work your way up to it by practicing with your loved ones.

Do Listening Exercises

Listening exercises can improve your focus. Close your eyes and then try to distinguish one sound from another.

A Final Word

Statistics say that hearing aids could help around 28.8 million Americans. But many people are reluctant to try them out. Additionally, some purchase hearing aids but refuse to wear them due to discomfort.

However, wearing your hearing aids can do a lot to help you navigate the world. So it’s definitely worth taking the time to get used to them.

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