Why Are People Drawn to Loud Sounds?

appeal of loud sounds

Concerts can do a great deal of damage to your hearing. Clubbing can also harm your hearing health. Sports fans can end up in dangerously loud environments as well.

So why do we enjoy these activities? What is the appeal of loud sounds? Why are they such a widespread part of our social lives?

Explaining the Appeal of Loud Sounds

Why do we like loud sounds? Scientists have been looking into this question. Interviewing nightclub employees and club-goers has led to fascinating results.

It seems that there are four main reasons why people enjoy loud sounds.

  • Loud Sounds Are Exciting

You probably know that music has a strong effect on your emotions. The volume of the music has a huge part in this. After all, people react in a specific way to loud music, regardless of genre.

Part of the appeal of loud sounds is that they affect emotions. They make you feel happier and more alert. Additionally, they have a motivating effect.

  • They Make Socialization Easier

Clubgoers feel connected to each other through the loud music. Hence, loud sounds improve group cohesion.

Furthermore, loud music removes inhibitions. It makes people feel less self-conscious, as it creates a sense of anonymity.

  • They Make it Easier to Drown Out Unwanted Thoughts

If something is troubling you, it can be very difficult to ignore it. But very loud noises make this easier. After all, they draw your focus away from your problems.

  • Loud Noises May Affirm Your Identity and Social Position

Enjoying loud music can feel dangerous and cool. Hence, it can improve your position in a group of your peers. In some cases, loud noises are also considered to be a masculine form of entertainment.

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What is the true appeal of loud sounds that can harm our hearing? Why are we drawn to concerts, sporting events, and nightclubs? Read this article to find out.

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